Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flash is dead Now that Firefox needs to do is stop supporting Windows XP

This page and the download links will be decommissioned on Sep 29, 2016.

That's the message from Abobe is planning the final stages to kill flash. It will kill off the downloads for enterprises, then it will kill it's product completely by the end of the year.

 Now all Firefox needs to do is get on the bandwagon with Google, Microsoft and Opera and stop supporting XP.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sorry fan artists, you cannot draw this English Textbook Teacher

Those who draw an English Textbook Teacher named Ellen Baker from the textbook New Horizon will be sent to prison because publisher Tokyo Shoseki will crack down on fan art especially if Ellen Baker is sexually depicted and no permission is given for any other uses unless it's for teaching materials, .

Thursday, February 11, 2016

No Prime Minister Abe you're not a champion of free speech

I am disgusted how Prime Minister Shinzo Abe acts  the media of television, radio, newspaper and the teachers who oppose his policies. And it's not the failed Three Arrow Abenomics, it's Japanese revisionism.

This so called political neutrality in this case Japan they tell people they must agree that the Emperor of Japan is a god, that Unit 731 doesn't exist, denying that Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Australian women were forced into sex slavery, and the Tokyo War Crimes trial was unjustified.

Even if they get their way, they're no match against China because the Japanese population is declining to extinction.

If the next president, it will likely be Hillary Clinton, I hope she will deal with them and defend the comfort women. General Douglas MacArthur made a mistake pitying the Emperor.

Monday, February 8, 2016

That is the end for Zynga

Zynga is winding down to a close and it will likely be shutting down by the middle to the end of this week. As currently zynga's stock went down by over 50 cents. The reason is a previous Adobe flash is dead as HTML5 gets more favorable and soon by 2018 time to upgrade to Windows 10 because Firefox may soon ditch XP although its' WebM video coding H.264 will still be around sometime as H.265 becomes the standard for web streaming video.

The internet is becoming more of a luxury than free. And online gaming could soon be dead.

Online shopping has little to do to shut down mom and pop. The demands of minimum wage by middle class workers and the rise of automated robots and drones

Is America becoming like Wall-E? Close but we're not yet there.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Adobe plans to kill Flash meaning it's time to ditch XP and vista

Adobe is admitting that flash is dying and it's embracing HTML5 as it drops it from it's product Adobe Connect, a web conference software similar to GoToMeeting. Even more games have go HTML5 or use Unity web player for gaming.

If you're running Firefox on XP, please note that only YouTube supports WebM, and it's limited to only up to 480i.

So it's time to ditch XP now and move on.

Update: It's predicted that Flash will be discontinued in 2018,  although Adobe hasn't announced a set date to sunset its product. You have until then to ditch XP and Vista, if you want to enjoy the wonders of HTML5.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

WMG: Haruhi Suzumiya series III

Today is the moment you all been waiting for.

There are a lot of WMGs that Kyon is John Smith. Because it's reference to Pocahontas' lover and John smith when translated in the Osaka dialect means "I'm a cicada." So let me show you something

Kyon's last name is Asahina, If Mikuru is Kyon's little sister from the future, then we have revealed his real last name. But now we need his real first name.

Other possible first

1. John - because Kyon sounds like John which means he's possibly Japanese American and also a fact that his aunt calls him Kyon.

2. Kyosuke -  As some in forums have suggested.

As a result, His real name is JOHN ASAHINA.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

WMG: Haruhi Suzumiya Series II

Mikuru Asakara may either not be from a distant future or a time traveler and even she may not be what Kyon and Koizumi thinks.

Theory 1: Mikuru was born sometime before Haruhi. She may have been taken into the future by the Time Authority.

Another possibility is that Mikuru may likely be Kyon's little sister from the future. Either Mikuru is Kyon's little sister's real name or it maybe just a fake name, which her real name is still a mystery. Kyon's little sister is 10 years old, if we compare both Kyon's Imouto and Mikuru's profile on Haruhi Wiki it would make more sense. Mikuru may be born in April and a proven fact is that her English Voice Actor Stephanie Sheh was born on the same month.

Who would've figured out that Kyon's Imouto grown up to be a time traveler? Why didn't Mikuru met Kyon's little sister? It's because Mikuru never visited Kyon's house. It's said by Doc Brown in Back To The Future Part 2 is that if Jennifer runs into her other self she would faint or the universe would explode, this same logic would apply Mikuru. On the other hand she may have already met her young self using the Bill and Ted logic where Bill and Ted meets their doubles. I mean come on, why would time traveling and meeting your past self would eventually destroy the universe? Disney's Meet the Robinsons is another example to disapprove Doc Brown's theory.

But theory about Mikuru being Kyon's little sister can be debunked by one character, Fujiwara. If Fujiwara said that Mikuru is his sister, then this theory about her being Kyon's litttle sister is disapproved. Another thing to disprove this is that Mikuru said she doesn't have a that rules Kyon's little sister out.

Theory 2: Mikuru is a spy of the Anti-SOS brigade. If Mikuru is a slider (according to TV Tropes' WMG) and not a time traveler, she may have came into the alpha timeline from beta timeline as a spy. No wonder why she keeps things classified from Kyon, Koizumi, and Yuki and we may have realized that her tears and love for Kyon and Koizumi are fake. Maybe sometime later in the series, she'll show her true self betraying her friends and goes back to the beta timeline exposing everything about Haruhi and the SOS Brigade to the Anti-SOS Brigade. Haruhi might know this because she is Jesus, Mikuru is Judas. But she'll might then realized what she have done and commit suicide and Haruhi might hit the reset button on her but then again she may not. We may also realized that Haruhi did kill Mikuru in the future because as stated she is a spy sent by the Anti-SOS Brigade as given by a this clue Fujiwara said that someone killed Mikuru and because he said he's Mikuru's brother. But then again, Fujiwara may have killed his own sister by accident or even that she is a double agent.

Also to prove this theory, Tsuruya hugs Mikuru.

Okay so I just went a little overboard. So please do not accuse me as an anti-Mikuru troll.

Theory 3: If Mikuru is not Kyon's little sister, then she's is his sister's daughter. And please note, that the father who invented time travel is unknown. Maybe Mikuru may have invented time travel herself. And I have debunked it because Haruhi's only sibling in my wild mass guess is only Sasaki. Haruhi's stepmother was probably single before she married her father. If Haruhi married her own sister, then Mikuru's brother may have been born invitro fertilization. Think about it. Adult Mikuru called him "unscheduled amnormality". It's does sound like that the Adult Mikuru is a homophobe. This could render Fujiwara as Mikuru's cousin.

Theory 4: Mikuru is Kyon and Haruhi's daughter, If this theory is true, then Fujiwara is their son. and Haruhi may possibly be the inventor of time travel. Proof? In the episode where Haruhi films a commercial, Kyon tries to punch her for abusing Mikuru. Mikuru tells Kyon to stop or she oh right that's classified. This is very kind of odd when she says it's classified. However, this is disapproved. The unknown inventor may have been the kid who is supposed to be run over by a truck got averted by Kyon. That unnamed kid who is to be the inventor and was supposed to be run over by a truck was averted by Kyon likely to be Kyon's Sister's husband. And no, that unnamed kid is not Haruhi's brother but her neighbor though he calls her Suzumiya nee-sa.

Theory 5: Mikuru is the Bespectacled Boy and Haruhi's daughter. Think about it. He's Haruhi's neighbor and he calls her "sister" thought they are not related by blood.  So we'll just name him "Asahina" or "Dr. Asahina." Unfortunately, this theory is going to disappoint you Kyon x Haruhi fans. Kyon and Haruhi are not a couple. If you watched the Disappearance of Haruhi movie and the Yuki-chan OVA spin off, it will show you that Kyon and Yuki are the real couple. And also to point out in theory #3 in Episode 23 where Haruhi directs a kissing scene at Tsuruya's house. Kyon got pissed and tries to hit Haruhi and Koizumi stopped him. Mikuru said "stop fighting or else oh right classified information."  Using Doc Brown's time paradox, If Kyon hurt Haruhi without being stopped by Koizumi, he would cause her to commit suicide by celestials as she tried to attempt in previous episodes, Mikuru would never be born.

Emiri Kimidori may not be as evil as everyone thinks.

Emiri is a messenger and a useless dog  to the Anti-SOS Brigade because "Kimidori means dog in Japanese". Emiri may not only be an alien but a slider as well. We all know Emiri is a pacifist. Emiri might realize she's being used by the Anti-SOS Brigade and could soon leave and join the SOS Brigade.

Emiri is the Gluko of Mon Colle Knights minus the big breasts. If Emiri is not evil, why does she hang out with the wrong crowd?

M(ata)ikiru AsaH(ari)ina

As part of my fanfic, the chapter I will call it  will be called The Betrayal of Mikuru Asahina and the Abandonment of Emiri Kimidori

Well that's about it for now. I am going to give you a Wild mass guess about Kyon himself and you can call me a spoiler if you want because you are going to be spoiled about Kyon's real name..

Come see my work in progress of a non-WMG haruhi series

1. Haruhi has a brother And no it's not the Bespectacled boy because he doesn't exist.

2. Mikuru falls in love with her brother.

3. Aliens, Espers, Time travelers are races. Godlike and Dreamers are added.

4. New organization is added to the fanfic called the Bureau of Dreams. Adding new characters.

5. Haruhi becomes a hybrid of godlike and dreamer.

6. The Anti-SOS Brigade are now called the Dark Void.

7. Itsuki says that she's not Kyon's sister.

Update: Just found something on Haruhi Wiki that this unnamed kid is called the Bespectacled Boy.